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Application Process

If you would like to live in one of our flats, the application process is set out below. If you have any questions, the Warden will be very happy to discuss them with you

Email at:

Phone:           01844 344437

Post:               St Scholastica’s Retreat

    27 The Retreat

    Princes Risborough

    HP27 0JG

Step 1 – please complete pages 1 to 10 of the Application Form (which can be downloaded by clicking the button above) - including the GP and Parish Priest Authorisations - and send it back to us at the Office. Applications from married couples require separate forms for both spouses.

Please note that the information requested in the form is necessary to help us assess whether or not you meet the main criteria for residency laid down in the Charity Commission Scheme that governs the Trust. So please complete the form as fully as you can. If you are at all unsure what is being asked for or have a question, please call the Warden on 01844 344437 who will be happy to help.


Step 2 – when we receive your application, if it appears to meet the Trust’s basic criteria, the Trustees will write to your GP and Parish Priest to ask for the "Certificates" to be completed. When they have been returned, you will be invited to visit the Retreat to have a look round and to meet with the Trustees of the Applicant Sub-Committee for an informal interview to discuss your application.


Your visit and interview are intended to give you the opportunity to ask questions and gain a clearer idea of what the Retreat is like and whether you would like to live here, and to give the Trustees a chance to meet with you and discuss your application.


Step 3 – If your application has been successful, your name will be placed on our waiting list of approved applicants.


When a flat falls vacant the Trustees will review the waiting list and offer the flat to the one who, in their opinion, is in greatest need.

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